Baby Night Light

Baby Night Light

Create a peaceful and calming atmosphere for your baby with our collection of baby night lights. Our night lights provide a soft and gentle glow, perfect for keeping your baby feeling safe and secure throughout the night.

Read the description Choose from a variety of designs, including cute animals, stars, and calming nature scenes, to create a soothing ambiance in your baby's nursery. Our baby night lights feature energy-efficient LED bulbs and are made with high-quality materials to ensure safety and durability. With their easy-to-use plug-in design and adjustable brightness settings, our night lights are simple to set up and use. Shop now to find the perfect baby night light for your nursery and help your baby get a restful and peaceful night's sleep.



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Snail Night LightSnail Night Light

Snail Night Light

Sale price£39.90
Baby Sleeping Night LightBaby Sleeping Night Light

Baby Sleeping Night Light

Sale price£39.90
Night Light for KidsNight Light for Kids

Night Light for Kids

Sale price£44.90
Cloud Night LightCloud Night Light

Cloud Night Light

Sale price£19.90
- 22%
Carousel Night LightCarousel Night Light

Carousel Night Light

Sale price£69.90 Regular price£89.90
Chick Night LightChick Night Light

Chick Night Light

Sale price£34.90
Best Night Light for BabiesBest Night Light for Babies

Best Night Light for Babies

Sale price£24.90
Mushroom Baby Night LightMushroom Baby Night Light

Mushroom Baby Night Light

Sale price£14.90
Night Light for BabyNight Light for Baby

Night Light for Baby

Sale price£19.90
- 25%
Wireless Baby Night LightWireless Baby Night Light

Wireless Baby Night Light

Sale price£29.90 Regular price£39.90
Baby Night Light to Hang UpBaby Night Light to Hang Up

Baby Night Light to Hang Up

Sale price£49.90
- 18%
Dragon Night LightDragon Night Light

Dragon Night Light

Sale price£89.90 Regular price£109.90
Flaming Rocket Night LightFlaming Rocket Night Light

Flaming Rocket Night Light

Sale priceFrom £59.90
Nursing Lamp Night LightNursing Lamp Night Light

Nursing Lamp Night Light

Sale price£49.90
Baby Nursing NightlightBaby Nursing Nightlight

Baby Nursing Nightlight

Sale price£39.90