Designer Bedside Lamps

Designer Bedside Lamps

Elevate your bedroom with our Designer Bedside Lamps collection. Our carefully curated selection features unique and modern designs from renowned designers.

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From elegant glass shades to sleek metal finishes, our lamps add a touch of sophistication to any bedside table. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a subtle accent, we have something to suit every taste and style.

Plus, with our high-quality construction and attention to detail, you can trust that your lamp will last for years to come. Shop our Designer Bedside Lamps collection today and transform your bedroom into a stylish sanctuary.



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- 25%
Table Reading LampTable Reading Lamp

Table Reading Lamp

Sale price£29.90 Regular price£39.90
- 20%
Tactile Bedside Lamp with Wireless ChargerTactile Bedside Lamp with Wireless Charger

Tactile Bedside Lamp with Wireless Charger

Sale price£79.90 Regular price£99.90
Designer Night LightDesigner Night Light

Designer Night Light

Sale priceFrom £109.00
Wood Table LampWood Table Lamp

Wood Table Lamp

Sale price£59.90
Table LampTable Lamp

Table Lamp

Sale price£34.90
Motion Sensor LampMotion Sensor Lamp

Motion Sensor Lamp

Sale priceFrom £14.90
Macaron Living Room LampMacaron Living Room Lamp

Macaron Living Room Lamp

Sale price£109.90
Desk LampDesk Lamp

Desk Lamp

Sale priceFrom £12.90
Bedside Table Lamp UKBedside Table Lamp UK

Bedside Table Lamp UK

Sale price£54.90
- 21%
Modern LED Bedside LampModern LED Bedside Lamp

Modern LED Bedside Lamp

Sale price£34.90 Regular price£43.90
- 21%
Diamond Bedside LampDiamond Bedside Lamp

Diamond Bedside Lamp

Sale priceFrom £34.90 Regular price£43.90
- 20%
Golden Metal Ball Bedside LampGolden Metal Ball Bedside Lamp

Golden Metal Ball Bedside Lamp

Sale price£99.90 Regular price£124.90
- 20%
White Golden Metal Bedside LampWhite Golden Metal Bedside Lamp

White Golden Metal Bedside Lamp

Sale price£69.90 Regular price£86.90
- 20%
Metal Black Bedside LampMetal Black Bedside Lamp

Metal Black Bedside Lamp

Sale price£69.90 Regular price£86.90
- 21%
Black Industrial Wall LampBlack Industrial Wall Lamp

Black Industrial Wall Lamp

Sale price£34.90 Regular price£43.90
- 20%
Industrial Square Bedside LampIndustrial Square Bedside Lamp

Industrial Square Bedside Lamp

Sale price£54.90 Regular price£68.90
- 20%
Hanging Bedside LampHanging Bedside Lamp

Hanging Bedside Lamp

Sale price£109.90 Regular price£136.90
- 20%
Brass Hanging Bedside LampBrass Hanging Bedside Lamp

Brass Hanging Bedside Lamp

Sale price£114.90 Regular price£143.90
- 20%
Circular Tactile Bedside LampCircular Tactile Bedside Lamp

Circular Tactile Bedside Lamp

Sale price£44.90 Regular price£55.90
- 19%
Tactile Design Bedside LampTactile Design Bedside Lamp

Tactile Design Bedside Lamp

Sale price£49.90 Regular price£61.90